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Deep Sky Images

These are a few images taken with an 8" F4 reflector  and 10" F4 reflector on a HEQ5 Pro Mount and an NEQ6 Pro mount and a QHY8 OSC CCD.

Effects of Light Pollution

Below are two 60 second unprocessed images taken from my light polluted backyard. 

The one on the left is without a filter, and the one on the right is with a light pollution filter. 

You can clearly see the difference. 

Light pollution affects the background and colour balance of images as well as washes out details that are visible from a dark site away from the City glare.

​Early Moon shots

My Very first images taken with a 50mm Celestron refractor I bought off ebay for $30. 

I had to fix a broomstick to the scope to keep it steady, but that didn't stop me from imaging the moon with a handheld canon digital compact against the eyepiece, technically known as Afocal imaging.

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